Bet Angel Excel Spreadsheet

30 Individual Spreadsheets

Manage 30 spreadsheets from one linked master sheet

over 2000 Calculations in realtime

Calculatingodds, probability, stakes, balance management means there are over 2000 calculations every single refresh

Clear Status cells

Clear the dreaded status cells with the click of a button with built in macro

Suitable for Multiple betting strategies

Suitable for scalping, Single bets and spreadbetting.

The Spreadsheet

This is taken directly from the guide designed for use with the Scampiclaws Bet Angel Excel betting spreadsheet Ver 1.

I have been using Excel professionally for several years and have now developed my own Excel spreadsheet for BetAngel as I wanted to simplify the whole process especially for multiple spreadsheets.

This spreadsheet can be used for types of scalping, single bets or spread betting.

I must add that at the time of writing his guide I am in no way affiliated with Bet Angel. I prefer to use their platform for exchange betting due to the flexibility and potential it affords but I will be trailing other platforms in the future.


Purpose and specification


Its purpose is to semi automate the process for you by linking all individual sheets so that you can implement the same strategy across all 30 sheets (yes there are 30 sheets) using the minimum number of cells.



1.There are 30 sheets named Bet Angel – Bet Angel (30) which are auto populated when you connect it to the Bet Angel software.


2.‘Sheet 2’ Is locked and is the brains behind it all. It collects the odds from every line of every sheet (up to 30 per event x 30 events) up to 900 bets simultaneously and performs several calculations.

It assigns a probability % to each bet (probability = odds/total odds)

It collects a maximum stake available from ‘Sheet 3’ for the race (Balance/100*%Adjustment)

Then it spreads the stake out amongst your chosen bets and inputs it into each of the 30 sheets along with the odds.


  1. ‘Sheet 3’ Is the “At a glance” Sheet with some additional features.

Firstly, it takes the balance from the first sheet ‘Bet Angel’ and underneath is a box for you to input your chosen % of your balance you are willing to stake on each event.

Next it has a box for you to input your chosen bet, this will be reflected on all the sheets automatically.


Then there is a special box which contains a macro clearing every status cell of every line of every sheet (yes, all 900)

It is a big issue for me to have to manually clear the status cells so now it literally is just at a click of a button!

I automated it fully at first set to when the timer went to Zero but due to the way the Bet Angel software works, I ended up paying for thousands of API failed bets so this button will clear them all, but each status cell is unlocked in case you want to clear them individually.

BUY IT NOW and you will receive the spreadsheet and a PDF guide via email zipped up and password protected.

We will aim to email it to you within 24 hours 

Please provide your debt email address to ensure you receive it. 

This is a digital product and as such there are no refunds.

I accept no responsibility if it is amended and then does not work as Intended. Please read the guide thoroughly. This is a tool to be used with Bet Angel with whom I currently have no affiliation with.


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